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Kay's House of Treats: Almond Biscotti

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Almond Biscotti

I remember the first time I had biscotti. I remember being so impressed by the look of the biscuits and the chunks of fruits and nuts, however they were just a bit too difficult because they were so hard when compared to traditional biscuits. But later on, I discovered the trick to eating biscotti; you need to dunk them in tea or coffee whereby they become just soft enough to eat, but not so soggy that they crumble and break. 

Biscotti is a bit similar to the traditional "cake rusk" in terms of it being a crunchy tea biscuit which is not as sweet as a chocolate chip cookie. The recipe I chose was from joyofbaking and I made traditional almond biscotti. Next time though, I would add one less egg, and add unblanched almonds since the skin give a nice contrast to the white biscuit.



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