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Kay's House of Treats: Chai Master - Real Desi Breakfast

Friday, November 23, 2012

Chai Master - Real Desi Breakfast

Arabic Paratha & Plain Paratha
The first time I saw an advert of Chai Master on Facebook, I was like oh no, don't we have enough coffee shops that now a gourmet tea shop is also opening up; I was expecting somewhat pretentious tea served in China cups, but when it opened up and I got a chance to go there I just loved their concept - it was just so "Dhaba-Chic". 

Doodh Patti & Lachaydaar Paratha at an "affordable" price in a "decent" setting where you can sit with friends and family and not be stared at by random people; on paper, thats such a simple concept but so far, I haven't seen it in anywhere in Defence at least; I am also not a big fan of Halwa Puri's but I love Chai Paratha so I was just really excited. We got there at 9:30 am on Sunday and opted to sit inside; there were a lot of cyclists outside from "The Critical Mass Society - Karachi" and it was just obvious that they were really enjoying the breakfast and the atmosphere.

Arabic Paratha - With Chicken
We ordered the "Disco Chai", plain lachay daar paratha, malai paratha & two Arabic Paratha's with Chicken; I liked the fact that they told in the beginning that the Arabic Paratha's would take 5-10 minutes to make which isn't a lot of time but it was nice that they did. They also had basic eggs (fried & scrambled) along with Fateera (baked pie with various stuffings).

Disco Chai
 Moving onto the food; absolutely absolutely loved it; the Disco Chai was like so good; it was real Doodh Patti and the smell was just heavenly; the Malai Paratha was crispy and hot & the Malai was the real deal; I absolutely hate having Desi breakfast with Tea Bag wali Tea or Tetra Pack ki cream and paying exorbitantly on top of it; I mean, chai needs to be steeped otherwise there's no skill to it, its just hot water and flavor from a bag; the Arabic Paratha's were also great, and was basically chicken mince stuffed between two square paratha's, cut into rectangles and served with ketchup. The food itself was pretty affordable, with the desi & simple food costing less (Rs. 25 for doodh patti & Rs. 30 for paratha) to the Beef Fateera costing Rs. 350 but which serves 2-3 people so all in all, it would fit within everyone's budget based on how much they want to spend.  

At the end, the owner came upto us and asked us for our opinion on the food which we were quite pleased to share and also to share the news that they will be soon be introducing more items in their menu and that is something that I am quite excited about. 

Malai Paratha

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