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Kay's House of Treats: Burger King - Wild West Hangout

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Burger King - Wild West Hangout

Burger King - Wild West Range (Picture from BK Facebook page)
Recently Burger King invited me to what I can term as a social media brand discussion/hangout, with various bloggers & twitterati. Titled ‘Wild West’ the objective of the hangout was to discuss their brand & the Steakhouse Range that they recently introduced.

Even though almost everyone knows about Burger King, its only been 9 months since they launched making it a relatively new entrant into the Karachi fast food scene. With this kind of brand comes a lot of high expectations, and in the case of Karachiites, the excitement of being the first to try out the brand. I personally don’t believe in going to a restaurant in the first week but I clearly remember how excited everyone was at Burger King finally opening up in Karachi, and the long queues that I heard about, noticed via Facebook check-in’s and saw pictures of online. The brand team themselves were sharing their experiences of how crazy things were when they opened.

By now things have settled down - they have launched quite a few items from their international menu, started delivery service with some innovative technology that ensures burgers & fries are delivered fresh (definitely need to check this out); and they just launched a new addition to their main menu. Titled the ‘Wild West’ range, it was the theme of the event I am writing about; a new range of burgers available in both beef & chicken, with a regular version and a hot & spicy version.

The event was at the Burger King seaview branch on the 2nd floor and I am going to go off-topic (obviously) but woahhh, the view is amazing! There are quite a few tables set-up on all the corners, and if burgers were easy to eat, this would be like a great place to bring a book to relax & read or just hang out with friends.

And getting back on track ..

So yes, what greeted us when I reached the floor (other than the brand team) were lots of balloons, ice-cold bottles of water (desperately needed), burger king crowns and product pamphlets with pictures of the new range of burgers.
1. Chicken Steakhouse - Flame-grilled chicken patty served with BBQ sauce & Turkey strips.
2. Hot & Spicy Chicken Steakhouse - Flame-grilled chicken patty served with a spicy sauce & jalapenos.
3. Beef Steakhouse - Flame-grilled beef patty served with BBQ sauce & Turkey strips
4. Hot & Spicy Beef Steakhouse - Flame-grilled beef patty served with a spicy sauce & jalapenos.
Price: Rs. 550 for a regular meal (including regular fries + drink) and Rs. 580 for a large meal.

I ordered the Hot & Spicy Chicken Steakhouse with fries. I know the most important part of the burger is supposed to be the filling, but the bun is just as essential. If it’s not fresh & the right size, then be prepared to have your clothes ruined. I am glad to say that my clothes were not ruined. The burger itself was pretty good - I loved the flamed grilled chicken, the hot sauce & the jalapeno’s with just the right amount of kick. It did have some crispy onions in it which I wasn't crazy about. However, the size of the meal with respect to the price is really good! They give a proper amount of french fries (major pet peeve against fast food restaurants that give kid sized fries), thick cut not thinly sliced, so a large meal at Rs. 580 would be good enough for 1 very hungry guy & 2 dainty ladies. Tried the Apple Pie, but found it to be okay - a little too much cinnamon & I prefer the pastry to be more flaky.

Burger King - Thick Cut Fries 
Burger King - Hot & Spicy Chicken Steakhouse

Overall, it was a fun event with great food & interesting conversations. The ‘Wild West’ range looks to be an exciting addition to their current menu. Both variants offered are not the typical chicken/beef burger - they offer a different flavor profile with the BBQ sauce & turkey strips of the regular version & the jalapeno’s & crispy onions in the hot & spicy version. Thus they may not appeal to all the consumers, but they will definitely appeal to people looking for something different which is available conveniently and at a relatively affordable price.

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